University of Wisconsin–Madison

Law School Expo FAQ’s

What is it?

The Law School Expo is the largest pre-law event of the year. Representatives from law schools around the country will be available to answer questions about their own law schools, questions about the application process in general, and questions about life as a law student. Stop by the UW Law School Open House in the morning and then come to the Law School Expo for any portion of the event that you have time to attend. Check out our collection of past Law School Expo Videos here.

Who is welcome to attend?

Any student who is either currently in the process of applying to law school, intending to apply to law school in the future, or even just thinking about a possible career in law is welcome and, in fact, encouraged to attend. Students at other colleges and universities are also welcome to attend, as are alumni.

Which law schools are participating?

Each year, approximately 100-130 law schools across the country send admissions representatives to attend the fair. Check back in September for a list of participating law schools.

What should I bring?

Bring your student ID so that we can record your attendance. Otherwise, there is no need to bring anything to the fair. You do not need to have any copies of your resume with you.

What should I ask?

The Law School Expo is your opportunity to get insight from admissions representatives concerning their schools, including admissions standards, financial aid, and curricular programs. Use that opportunity to your advantage and think of questions that would assist you in both choosing the schools to which you will be applying and then preparing your applications. A sample list of questions to ask law school reps has been prepared by CPLA. It is a comprehensive list that you may use to help you narrow down the information that would be of most assistance to you.

Do I need to dress up?

The Law School Expo is not a career fair so you do not need to wear a suit or other dress clothes. If you are in the process of applying to law school this year, business casual would be appropriate since the representatives will be able to put a face with the name on an application. If you are attending the Law School Expo as a freshman, sophomore, or junior, you may dress more casually, but keep in mind that you are representing the university at events of this type. Don’t wear anything that would make you memorable for the wrong reasons.