Law School Expo FAQ’s

Will there be an in person law fair at UW-Madison in 2023?

Yes, we will be hosting an in person law fair and optional break out sessions at this year’s Law School Expo on Wednesday, October 4th 2023.  If you prefer to attend a virtual law fair instead, the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) will host one or more virtual law fairs this fall/winter.

What is the Law School Expo?

The UW-Madison Law School Expo is typically held in person and is the largest pre-law event of the year. Representatives from law schools around the country travel to UW-Madison and other Law School Caravan sites in the Midwest. They will be available to answer questions about their own law schools, the application process, and life as a law student. We also have other tables with useful information for pre-law students, where you can get information on LSAT prep options, gap year opportunities, financial planning for law school, and more. The Expo will also include various breakout sessions and a panel discussion. Wisconsin Law school holds a Law School Open House in the morning on the same day so that you may attend that as well.

Check out our collection of past Law School Expo Videos for advice from admissions representatives at previous events.

Who can/should attend the Law School Expo?

The Expo is open to the public so anyone may attend, regardless of affiliation with UW-Madison.

It can be helpful for anyone who is considering law school or exploring law careers to attend. Freshmen and sophomores may benefit from gathering information about LSAT preparation, paying for law school, and attending breakout sessions as well as getting ideas about law schools that interest you. Juniors, seniors and college graduates will find the information especially important as they begin planning for applications.

It is especially important for those planning to apply to law school within the next year to attend a law fair. It is important to narrow down your school choices and get answers to questions that can’t be answered with a google search. If you are struggling financially to apply to law school, this is also a good opportunity to inquire about application fees and whether application fee waivers from the schools you are applying to are available. (See Page 7 of Paying For Law School for more information on budgeting for law school application costs)

Do I need to preregister/RSVP to attend the Law School Expo?

No preregistration is needed!  Just show up an sign in at the event!  If you’re a current UW-Madion student, bring your student ID to expedite check in.

Do I need to stay for the whole time?

Absolutely not! We expect that some attendees will work around school or job schedules to attend part of the day.  Law school and related resource representatives will be tabling from 11am-3pm, and you can come and go and visit as many or as few as you like! We will also have an optional admissions panel from 3-4pm.

Do I need to dress up for a law school fair?

A law school fair is not a typical “career fair” so you do not need to wear a suit, but business casual would be appropriate. Wear comfortable shoes if attending a law fair in person! If you are in the process of applying to law school in the next year, it is especially helpful to dress business casual since the representatives will be able to put a face with the name on an application. Wear what makes you feel confident and ready to engage with law school reps. Need help accessing business casual or business formal wear? Check out the Career Closet at UW SuccessWorks, which offers free career wear to UW-Madison students when available. Alumni and members of the public can visit the Goodman Community Center Career Closet for free professional attire.

Which schools will be at Expo?

We expect a large variety of law schools and resources to attend this event.  Previous events have had 80-100+ tables. You can check our law school list to see some of the law schools that have signed up so far.

Will all of the Top 14 schools be there?

While some Top 14 schools usually attend (examples include Northwestern and Michigan), there are some Top 14 schools (ex. Yale) who may only travel to the fairs run by the LSAC (called LSAC Forums).  There are virtual options as well as an in person option held in Chicago each year. Check here for a full list of LSAC Forum dates.

What should I ask at a law school fair?

A law school fair is your opportunity to get insight from admissions representatives concerning their schools, including admissions standards, financial aid, and curricular programs. Use that opportunity to your advantage and think of questions that would assist you in both choosing the schools to which you will be applying and then preparing your applications. CPLA has a sample list of questions to ask law school reps that can get you thinking more about what to ask and help you narrow down the information that would be of most assistance to you.

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