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How can I learn more about what law school is like?

In addition to talking to as many lawyers and law students as you can, take advantage of events sponsored and advertised by the Center for Pre-Law Advising. Past events have included mock law school classes, panels of current law students, and opportunities to attend classes at UW Law School.

Further, most – if not all – law schools are happy to set up a Prospective Student Tour that typically involves a tour of the school, attendance at a law school class, and a meeting with an admissions officer. Setting up this kind of visit is a great way to learn more about law school in general and also what it might be like to attend that specific law school.

Finally, several law schools offer summer programs to help undergraduates better understand what law school and the law school admissions process entail. These programs strongly encourage students from groups historically underrepresented in law school to apply. An example of these opportunities is the Pre-Law Undergraduate Scholars Program (PLUS Program).

How can I learn more about specific law schools?

There are many ways to learn more about specific law schools both online and in person.


Start your research by looking at the American Bar Association’s Standard 509 Information Reports. These reports include information about a school’s Admitted Student Statistical Profiles (including median and 25th/75th percentile GPA and LSAT statistics), Tuition and Fees, Financial Aid Statistical Profiles, Enrolled Student Demographics, and more. You can also find relevant information on individual law school websites, including more recent data at times.

A list of other valuable resources is available here.

In Person:

(1) Attend the UW-Madison Law School Expo. More than 100 law schools send representatives to campus each year to meet with students and provide information about their respective schools.

(2) Attend an on-campus Information Session. Law schools often work with the Center for Pre-Law Advising to schedule on-campus informational sessions. Follow the Center for Pre-Law Advising on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for notifications about upcoming Information Sessions.

(3) Law schools typically offer prospective students the opportunity to schedule a formal Prospective Student Tour. These tours typically include the opportunity to tour the school with a guide, to sit in on a law school class, and to meet with an admissions representative. Contact the school’s Admissions Office to schedule a Prospective Student Tour.

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