At the Center for Pre-Law Advising we provide advising and programming for UW-Madison students and alumni (no time limit!) at all stages in the process of considering, preparing for, and applying to law school. We also strongly advise all Pre-Law undergraduates to work closely with their academic/major advisor(s) on course selection, degree completion, and engaging broadly on and off campus (including in your academic departments!). Additionally, undergraduates have a range of important career development resources available to them through their school/college Career Services units, the campus-wide Career Exploration Center, and via specialized units such as the International Internship Program. These additional Career Services units can assist you with needs such as broader career exploration, internship search support, and resume and cover letter assistance.

In CPLA, we support advisees to strategically explore careers in the legal profession, consider experiential learning and networking opportunities, prepare for the LSAT, plan for gap years, develop law school applications, and decide on where to attend law school.


Originally funded by the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates, the Center for Pre-Law Advising was created in 2012 as part of a campus-wide effort to increase student access to advising. In 2017 we joined forces with the Center for Pre-Health Advising to form the University’s first Pre-Professional Advising hub. The Centers are co-located in suite 205 Middleton Building and are housed within the Office of Undergraduate Advising, alongside Cross-College Advising Service, the Career Exploration Center, and the UW-Madison Online Degree Advising Office.

Our Staff

Janet Mitchell

Credentials: JD

Position title: Pre-Law Advisor, Lead for Data and Test Preparation

Email: janet.mitchell@wisc.edu

Carley Gomez

Credentials: PhD, MFA

Position title: Pre-Law Advisor, Lead for Professional Development

Email: cmgomez3@wisc.edu

Ambar Cornelio

Position title: Pre-Law Graduate Advisor; Second Year (3L) Law Student

Email: acornelio@wisc.edu

Molly Reinhard

Credentials: MS

Position title: Director of Pre-Professional Advising, Centers for Pre-Law & Pre-Health Advising

Email: molly.reinhard@wisc.edu

Laurin Dodge

Credentials: MA

Position title: Operations Coordinator, Centers for Pre-Law & Pre-Health Advising

Email: laurin.dodge@wisc.edu