Call to Action: APIDA Celebration and Allyship

April is APIDA heritage month, and we at CPLA celebrate APIDA communities and individuals. Your presence enriches campus, every community you are a part of, and the world. We stand in support of all APIDA communities and in solidarity with everyone who opposes racism, discrimination, and violence. We stand against white supremacy and condemn the violence against people in APIDA communities that has risen during the pandemic but has historically always been present. Discrimination and violence against anyone anywhere at any time is unacceptable, and we will not be silent.

We know that statements like this do not fix broken situations. But we share it in expression of solidarity and support — and we urge action and underscore the importance of education and raising awareness about APIDA histories and cultures to stop violence and discrimination.

We stand with APIDA members of the UW-Madison community (and the world) as allies. We need and value you. And we call all allies to do anti-racist, liberation work that addresses racism and injustice. We all can and need to work to make the world more like it could and should be.  

General Support and Learning Resources:

APIDA Heritage Month Events at UW-Madison
UW APIDA Student Center
Resources to Support APIDA Communities
Creating Community at UW-Madison

And More Specifically:

Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit
JumpStart (crowdfunding for the UW APIDA Student Center)
MadRainbow (a self-described anti-social social club for Chinese-speaking queer students)
UW Center for East Asian Studies
East Asia Now Podcast (UW Center for East Asian Studies)
National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA)
Asian Americans Advancing Justice
Japanese Americans for Justice
HANA Center
Hollaback! (bystander resources)
Freedom, Inc. (a grassroots justice organization in Madison)

Mental Health Resources:

Silvercloud (an online, self-guided mental health resource for UW-Madison community)
UHS Remote Health (virtual videos, workshops, and resources)
Guided Relaxations (meditation podcast by University Health Services at UW-Madison)
UHS (University Health Services)
Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum (weekly digital community care package)

Incident Reporting:
Report Bias or Hate


Asian American Studies,
East Asian Studies,
and more!

In solidarity,
The Center for Pre-Law Advising