Pre-Law Videos

Being a Civil Law Attorney – Fighting for Justice for All

Being a Civil Law Attorney: Fighting for Justice for All (Public Interest attorney for Legal Action of Wisconsin)

People often think of attorneys as those who make the big bucks and drive fancy cars. But for lawyers who fight for equal justice for low-income people, the rewards are not measured in dollars. Heidi Wegleitner is a staff attorney with Legal Action of Wisconsin, a law firm that provides free legal services in civil law cases surrounding basic needs such as food, housing and health care. Heidi shares her insight and passion for the work she does helping people in need as they face eviction from their homes or other basic living crises.

Source: (Running Time 24:33)

Growing Careers in Agricultural and Food Law: A Presentation for Undergraduate Students

What is Agricultuaral Law? What does an Agricultural Lawyer Do? Who Hires Agricultural Lawyers?

Source: National Agricultural Law Center (Running Time 1 hr)

Why an Art Degree Made Me a Better Lawyer

Why an Art Degree Made Me a Better Lawyer (Corporation Counsel for American Family)

Most students eyeing a law degree may think a pre-law undergraduate track is the best way to becoming an attorney. Maybe not, says Ann Wenzel, a corporate lawyer, currently working at American Family, a Fortune 500 company. Ann discusses the effect her undergraduate studio art degree has had her legal career and her approach to legal issues and problem solving. Echoing the advice of law school advisors, Ann suggests that there are many other valuable things other Bachelor’s degree programs offer as a pathway to becoming a lawyer.

Source: (Running Time 22:10)

Paralegal: Supporting the Legal Profession

Paralegal: Supporting the Legal Profession

If you are interested in the law and helping people, but don’t want to become an attorney, a career as a Paralegal may be a path to choose. Many consider Paralegals the backbone of the legal profession, delving into the research, writing and prep work for cases. We’ll explore the career opportunities for this important supporting role helping those trying to navigate our legal system.

Source: (Running Time 23:05)

University of Chicago Alumni Interviews

The University of Chicago has put together an “Alumni in Law” interview series with their alumni.

See interviews with a Manhattan Criminal Court Judge, a partner at a multinational law firm, and a Legal Aid Society lawyer working in Chicago.

You can watch all 3 interviews here.


Beyond the Gender Binary in the Legal Profession

The National Association for Law Placement (NALP) gathered a panel of non binary identifying law students and attorneys for this webinar, which can be found on the NALP Non-Binary Resources webpage. The panelists share their experiences and insights, and give advice on ways to support colleagues who identify as gender non conforming.