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The Center for Pre-Law Advising seeks to help increase access to as well as equity and diversity within the field of law by providing excellent advising, programming, and other career development resources to all UW-Madison students and alumni – no time limit! We serve advisees at all stages of the process of considering, preparing for, or applying to law school.

Due to COVID-19, CPLA will continue to operate remotely through summer 2021. We look forward to meeting with you virtually! Click here to find an advisor and schedule your remote appointment.

Incoming freshman? Future attorneys major in all areas and all schools & colleges at UW-Madison! We encourage you to start your pre-law advising journey by exploring majors and academic fields of interest via the UW-Madison Guide. You can also learn more about what it means to be pre-law at UW-Madison by reviewing our Freshman Advising document.

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**Wondering about how UW-Madison’s Spring 2021 SD/UD grading option relates to Pre-Law? View CPLA’s guidance HERE.**



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