What Should I Exclude From My Resume?

  • DON’T include an objective section at the top. Your objective is to get into law school. That’s obvious.
  • DON’T include honors or activities from high school even if you were class valedictorian, Eagle Scout, etc. The exception is something truly impressive like professional ballet or the Olympics.
  • DON’T include detailed technical/scientific skills (e.g., knowledge of scientific antibody tagging technique).
  • DON’T include word processing skills (e.g., Word, Excel).
  • DON’T include references. Your letters of recommendation are your references.
  • DON’T exclude involvement with a fraternity or sorority. Greek organizations often provide significant opportunities for leadership and community service.
  • DON’T exclude political/religious involvement out of a concern that you may alienate admissions committees. In fact, law schools want student bodies with a diversity of political/religious beliefs and experiences. But focus on the substance of your involvement, not the ideology of it.