What Is An Addendum?

An addendum is a brief, factual summary of the circumstances surrounding an element of your application that could raise a genuine question or concern for admissions committees. The personal statement and optional essays are not the place to address weaknesses in your application. Instead, you should use one or more addenda to provide context for any significant weaknesses in your application.

The following are common types of addenda:
• GPA addendum to address circumstances that contributed to a very low GPA in one particular class or during a certain semester or other defined period of time;
• LSAT addendum addressing multiple LSAT cancellations or a significant jump in LSAT score between two tests;
• Character and Fitness addendum addressing incidents of misconduct (required by most if not all schools);
• Absence addendum addressing a leave of 1+ semesters from college or a significant gap on your resume. Use good judgment when deciding whether an addendum is needed.