How to Add a Recommender in Your LSAC Account

STEP 1: Log in to your LSAC account at
STEP 2: Click on Letters of Recommendation/Evaluations under Credential Assembly Service.
STEP 3: Click on the blue button labeled Add/Edit My Recommenders/Evaluators.
STEP 4: Click on the blue button labeled Add NEW Recommender/Evaluator.
STEP 5: Click on Recommender Only. Note: Very few schools require Evaluations, and most prefer Letters of Recommendation.
STEP 6: Complete all blanks in the sections labeled Recommender/Evaluator Information and Recommender Contact Information, including ones that are not required but may be relevant (e.g., title, e-mail address).
STEP 7: In the section labeled Letter Information, indicate how many unique letters the Recommender will be providing. In most circumstances, recommenders only provide one, and LSAC sends it to all of the applicant’s designated law schools. If your recommender has a personal connection to one of the schools you are applying to, you may wish to ask them to write a separate letter to that school discussing the additional topic of why you would be a strong fit. In that case, you would indicate 2 letters from that recommender.
STEP 8: Add a letter description. In most cases, the description will merely say “All Law Schools.” If a letter is personalized for one law school, indicate that here.