What Is a Law School Report?

Once an applicant submits a completed application to a law school, the school then requests a Law School Report for that applicant from LSAC. The report includes a cover sheet summarizing the applicant’s academic credentials (including all LSAT scores and a detailed breakdown of GPA) and encloses copies of the applicant’s transcript(s), letters of recommendation, and LSAT writing sample(s). A law school application file is not considered complete until it contains a Law School Report.

LSAC recommends that applicants sign up and pay for CAS at least 4–6 weeks before they plan to submit applications. Applicants should also try to submit their transcripts and letters of recommendation to LSAC several weeks before applying to law school. It typically takes 2 weeks for LSAC to process a transcript or letter of recommendation once received.

In addition to the CAS fee, LSAC charges $30 for each Law School Report that it sends.

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