To Do List for CAS

To Do List for CAS:

  1. Create an account if you have not yet done so at
  2. Sign up for the Credential Assembly Service a minimum of 4–6 weeks before you plan to submit your law school applications. To sign up for CAS, log in to your LSAC account and click on Credentials under the Apply tab. At the bottom of the Credentials page is a button labeled Pay for CAS. Once you click on Pay for CAS, the registration fee will be added to your LSAC shopping cart. Check out to complete the purchase.
  3. Add all institutions of higher education that you have attended for which you need to submit transcripts (see Requesting Transcripts handout) by clicking on Add Institutions at the bottom of the Credentials page.
  4. Submit the application components necessary to complete your CAS file, including transcript(s), letter(s) of recommendation, and an LSAT score (after taking the LSAT, no further action is necessary on your part to add the score to your CAS file).
  5. Pay the $30 Law School Report fee for each law school to which you intend to apply (can be paid when you submit each application).
  6. After submitting your applications, check your LSAC account periodically in order to confirm that LSAC sends a Law School Report to each of your schools. To do so, go to Applications then LSAC Completed.
  7. See the following sites for more information: